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Business learning, Sales techniques, Consulting, Basics Knowledge

Meet The Team

Business learning, Sales techniques, Consulting, Basics Knowledge
Business Expert Sales Team Management


Instigator of this online initiative and Business man with over 15 years of experience leading & managing sales teams and business units

Henry Leadership and sales professional Busines learning Training


Senior Business man with over 20 years of experience in multiple managerial fields as well as ex-military

Mike Expert Know the Basics Coaching & personal development


Senior Business man with over 15 years of experience in team coaching & personal developement

Kate Know the basics expert in Business learning teaching and training courses


Senior Business woman and international facilities management director with a teaching certification 

Embark on a journey where the primal meets the refined, embodying the essence of mastering foundational knowledge before advancing to complex realms. Welcome to "Know the Basics", your heaven of learning where every inquiry begins.

Our emblematic imagery of human-like wolves set against a Victorian backdrop isn't just a whimsical branding choice. It's a narrative steeped in symbolism:

Wolves, revered for their intelligence and communal learning, epitomize the relentless pursuit of knowledge. When rendered with human attributes, they symbolize a fusion of instinctual and intellectual approaches towards learning.

The Victorian Era encapsulates refinement, discipline, and a structured societal framework. It mirrors the organized learning milieu we foster here, emphasizing a step-by-step progression in your educational voyage.

The human-like wolves also signify transformation, representing your potential metamorphosis from a curious learner to a master of your chosen domain.

Our Victorian setup, alongside the pack dynamics of wolves, visually lays out a hierarchical learning path. It's a pictorial expression of our ethos: master the basics, then ascend to a profound understanding of your chosen field.


At "Know the Basics", we offer a reservoir of free knowledge through succinct articles designed for a quick read under 5 minutes. Crave a deeper dive? Access our extensive articles for a modest fee, unlocking a realm of detailed insight. Our responsive forum is a crucible of ideas, encouraging vibrant discussions amongst our community of avid learners.
Additionally, we will provide certified courses as your gateway to a structured learning path, guided by experts.

The interplay of primal wolves and the polished Victorian aura is not mere aesthetics. It's a metaphorical journey from the basic instincts of curiosity to a refined mastery of knowledge. It encapsulates our vision: providing a solid foundation for you to build an edifice of understanding.

Your expedition into the depths of knowledge begins with a simple step: a willingness to "Know the Basics". Explore our trove, interact with fellow learners, and let your curiosity guide you through the halls of structured, yet imaginative learning.

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